Barrett's 0esophagus Treatment for Barrett's Disease using Radio Frequency Ablation. Barretts espohagus, Baratts Disease, Halo 360
HALO360 System, HALO 360 System

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HALO360 System

The proprietary technology incorporated in the HALO360 System is designed to maximize clinical outcomes and completely remove the Barrett's epithelium without significant injury to the underlying tissue.

Bipolar electrode array geometry precisely controls the depth of ablation to < 1 mm.

Circumferential, 360, 3-cm-long ablation in less than 1 second allows long segments of Barrett's to be treated quickly.

Consistent application of bipolar energy uniformly removes the oesophageal epithelium, reducing potential for buried glands and improving patient tolerability.

Controlled treatment depth of less than 1,000 m reduces risk of stricture formation, even after multiple energy applications.

Precise Depth Control
Barrett's epithelium is approximately 500 m in thickness. The HALO360 Energy Generator and the HALO360 Ablation Catheter electrode array are designed to work in concert to achieve a uniform, superficial depth of ablation of ~ 1,000 m.

Human Oesophagus Specimen (H&E Stain)

Predictable Outcome
In both porcine and human oesophagectomy studies, the HALO360 System has demonstrated removal of the oesophageal epithelium without significant injury to the submucosa when using the recommended treatment settings.

Non-ablated oesophagus
Epithelium intact
48 hrs Post-Ablation
Absence of epithelium with preservation of lamina propria and muscularis mucosae

Barrett's Disease

Barrett's Oesophagus

Barrett's Esophagus

Barrett's 0esophagus

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Barratts Oesophagus

Barretts Esophagus

Barretts 0esophagus

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